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My dear sisters and brothers

Thank you for visiting HeartWing Ministries! I am so glad that you’ve taken the time to be a part of my life and ministry. You may be wondering what was the turning point in my life that caused me to leave the world of advertising to enter full time ministry? How did HeartWing Ministries get its name, is there some meaning behind it? What fuels my passion for what I do?

I still remember the morning very clearly as I walked slowly to the corner to catch a bus to work. A job that most twenty one year olds would have been excited to go to. Travel, variety, creativity and moving in famous circles should have been enough to make me greet each day with delight yet I was miserable. I could not escape the fact that as my career flourished, my personal life floundered.

On this particular day, in immense pain over yet another disappointment in love, I cried out to the Lord, with tears streaming down my face, “Why? Why do I have to go through the things that I go through with men? Why can’t I get it together?” At that moment, the Lord spoke clearly to me, “Because I am going to give you a love ministry.” “What!?” I responded. “Lord that is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard! How could I have a love ministry when I am such a failure at love?” I asked. “How can I possibly minister to anyone in an area where I haven’t been successful myself?”

His answer to me was simply that I had done things my way long enough. Now He was going to show me His way. He would comfort and heal me, then lead me onto the path where I would find love, peace and fulfillment. The things He taught me would be the things I would share with you. The same comfort that He gave me would be the comfort that I would share with others.

After many trials and painful lessons, that truly are not all over to this day, God finally opened the door for me to begin sharing the liberating truths of His word with you. HeartWing Ministries was the name I selected because my prayer is to share scriptural principles that will free you from your past pain, mistakes and disappointment while giving you the tools you need to live the life you desire to the fullest. That your heart would take wing and soar above your personal circumstance to a place called faith where you will find the love and the blessings you long for. I pray that you find yourself not only blessed by the articles and information here at HeartWing’s web site but also equipped to experience victory in every area of your life. Visit often, I’ll be here.


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HeartWing Ministries, founded by Michelle McKinney Hammond, was developed to minister to the mind and spirit of men and women who are seeking to live life to their fullest potential.

Because every aspect of life is driven by the quality of our relationships, HeartWing Ministries focuses on the relational aspects of every person’s life on three levels:

Toward God

Our relationship with God affects every area of our lives, relationships with others and our abilities to exercise faith, walk in obedience to God’s word and reap the full blessings of God.

Toward Ourselves

When we become whole and secure with a healthy perspective of ourselves, according to the Word of God, we become vessels of blessing to others. The personal blessings we reap and enjoy are simply the byproduct of what we have extended to those around us. Whole people have whole relationships; broken people have recurring cycles of broken relationships.

Toward Others

Whether woman to woman, woman to man or man to man, we are called to provoke one another to good works so that men might see our good works and glorify our Father in heaven. Most importantly, the world will know we are Christians by our love. I have a special burden for women to discover the value of their womanhood. With this in mind, I feel it is imperative for them to understand the pivotal role they play in men’s lives when they walk in their God-ordained assignments.


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