Tribute to Lady Milan…

Today marks the 7th day of Milan’s passing so I though I would render one final but certainly not the last tribute to her. Teh pathology report revealed her colan had gotten irritated and twisted causing complications that eventually brought her passing. It has been a strange week. There is most definitely a large and greatly felt void at my house and her presence is sorely missed. the out pouring of love and memories of Milan have been both heartwarming and comforting. It has been bittersweet but also very profound. I reflected on my own feelings and the countless comments and found a common strain. Milan left no one she met unchanged.She definitely had her own ministry going emoticon She was an evangelist in her own right. If you didn’t like dogs you loved them by the time you left our house she made sure of that. Many went off and got a dog after an encounter with Milan. So whether you liked dogs, didn’t like them or merely weren’t interested, as one of my male friends put it. “Milan turned me out.”
She was a human trapped in a dogs body. A true princess. She was opinionated. Knew what she liked and didn’t like. She loved pink. Gravitated to it in all things. She didn’t like sadness. Would not leave you alone until she was certain your mood had lifted. She was a nurturer, very sensitive to others and their state of being. Fastidious, feminine, careful, thoughtful, calculating, obedient and always genteel. A true lady. She was well traveled- from Vegas to New York, Texas, LA and even Africa. Stayed at all the finest hotels from the Ritz to the Four Seasons, Westins, Hiltons and Omni’s. Met people from all walks of life and rubbed paws with everyone from the rich and famous to people on the street. She appeared in commercials and television shows.
She lived the life! She got her hair done more than me and slept with more men than me definitely! Hah! Yes Milan slept around (chuckle) She lived for a belly rub. She made sleep look so good. It was the only time she was unladylike. Rolling onto her back, her underside exposed to the world as she snored like a man… She loved food and a good breeze on the front porch. She had a driver, housekeeper, cook and security guard whom she greeted daily. What was there not to love about life if you were Milan. And what was there not to to love about her if you were us.
To all who have recounted their Milan stories to me over the last week as even grown men cried I thank you. It is a fitting tribute to a truly rare little one. She was a living lesson about life, love, God and faithfulness.
Perhaps my most profound lesson from Milan is how many lives she touched and changed without ever saying a word. She simply was who she was and that was amazing enough. She was truly a little gift from God. A special kiss to me. The only problem with angels is they die too soon.

Proverbs 12:10 (GW) A righteous person cares [even] about the life of his animals, but the compassion of wicked people is [nothing but] cruelty.

Milan Pink Sweater - Version 2 Black & White- Milan MilanBoth in Trouble41iDIf7T8oL._AA160_

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