Thoughts on Love and Men

What does it profit a woman to gain a man and lose her soul! Ladies get a grip, a man should add to who you are, not make you over
If a man leaves your life he should leave you a better woman than he found you. That way it’s his loss & not yours. Always maintain.

A man should never be able to rearrange your identity, posture or attitude. Know your worth and don’t discount yourself for anyone.

When a man tells u who he is believe him & make your choices accordingly. Don’t blame him 4 being consistent. Blame yourself 4 not listening

If a man decides he doesn’t want u it has less to do with u & more to do with who he is or isn’t. Thank him 4 not blocking yr view.

There is never an excuse for jumping out of character and acting ugly unless that is who you really are. Maintain dignity.

When the audience stops applauding & enabling bad behavior actors will have to find a new way to make a scene.

If marriage & coupling up are the goal you will always choose the wrong partner. The person should inspire the purpose in your life

A cloth in the store doesn’t change its pattern because its been mishandled and put back. Be who you are no matter what! Say Next!

Stop abdicating responsibility for yourself & blaming men for bad behavior. It gives them way more power than they really have.

We need to love the brothers but keep the power to be who we are. After all that is what attracted him in the 1st place.

Just remember a man will only do what he is allowed to do. Don’t blame or complain, handle your business.

When a woman knows her worth & power quietly living it, the man in her life will rise to the occasion & honor her. You set the stage.

Men get a bad rap. They are not bad, just confused. Lets stop sending mixed signals & be clear about what we want/need from them.

Don’t tell a man you can deal with his cheating and then get mad when he does it. You gave him permission! Think before you agree!

Desperation for love should never make you compromise your standards. Your needs will come back 2 haunt you. Keep it real and be honest about what you want for both your sakes.
Above all things, no matter how the relationship goes… Be A Lady!

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