Thoughts on Life, Love and Men from In Search of the Proverbs 31 Man

A Man will receive his assignment in life before receiving his wife. This is Gods perfect order for a man’s life
We have all been given dreams. Making them come to life is where the dragon slaying & damsel saving adventure begins.
A strong man knows a strong woman does not diminish him or Gods’ call on his life but inspires him to locate & reach his goals.
Women need men who will seek Gods’ face & secure their future by obedience to His instructions.
The innate desire to lead should never be squelched in any man. It should be celebrated and refined into a servant leader.
A sense of divine assignment should fuel a man &woman to respect one another’s gifts & liberate one another two fulfill their callings. A servant leader man regards the achievements of his wife not as competition but as a valuable addition to his own.
Man and women are different & those differences become their strengths when balancing the ball of life between them.
The world needs more men who are willing to be transformed by God and plugged into His Wisdom.
A Proverbs 31 man considers the woman in his life to be an equal but unique partner. Together they are a divine power couple.
God will never give a woman a calling that is in competition or conflict with her husband’s life assignment.
When it comes to relationships God is not the author of confusion; the human ego is.
A woman can’t change her man. It is his love for her that does the transformation. Be a woman who inspires change.
A man gains the trust of his wife & respect of his community because he follows through & remains committed to his commitments.
The spiritual responsibility of a man is a matter of life and death. Evil flourishes when good men do nothing.
A man is called to strive to remain pure in heart & action, to be unapologetic on his godly stance, yet be full of mercy & grace.
It is the responsibility of every man to lovingly keep his wife in spiritual order so she can reap the full blessings of God.
Women who strive to take over the role of leader in the relationship will suffer because they will be out of order spiritually.
Submission is borne out of trust because the actions of the man reflect his intentions for his wife’s best welfare.
The Proverbs 31 Man recognizes the needs of his wife as an opportunity to bless her and he meets her needs joyfully.
The man who responds to God’s design by pursuing the woman he loves will also honor his responsibilities in covenant.
A man who is passive in his pursuit of you will be passive in his pursuit of all things concerning life. Character is not compartmentalized.
If he is not coming after you it is because he doesn’t want you or he has unfinished business. Neither is a good option for you.
A Proverbs 31 man considers the cost of a commitment to the woman in his life and gladly pays it.
Romance is biblical. God is a shameless lover. He is not inhibited when it comes to expressing His love for us, neither is a Proverbs 31 Man.
Good lovers are not selfish lovers. They seek ways to please the beloved & refuse to be satisfied until the beloved is fulfilled. They are Proverbs 31 Man.
Many men appear to be desirable at first glance, but the man who fears the Lord is to be praised. His integrity endures time.
Hope the men have been inspired and the sisters can encourage their brothers to be the best that they can be. Love to you all!
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