Things to consider

Last night the power went out for an hour… I lit candles and continued talking and laughing with friends. When I woke up this morning there was no water running in my home but I took it in stride…I knew the water would come, in the meantime I brushed my teeth with bottled water, filled the sink with the rest and finished my toilette.  But guess what? These things make me put life at large in perspective. This morning I woke up in my right mind, with all my body parts working!The pine-apple was sweet. My neighbor had a new puppy. Somethings I once took for granted I now celebrate. For many years when I lived in America I took a lot of things for granted. I heard of lack in other parts of the world but it was not my experience. Now on some micro level it has become a part of my reality now that I live in Ghana. Life is not always as convenient as it used to be. But this too is all relative. On the one hand America looks like the land of plenty. On the other hand many wonder at the plight of Americans and the mortgage situation there. They can’t relate to losing their home because here they build their houses brick by brick. Their homes are paid for by the time they move in and remain in the family for generations. Mortgages are a new thing to this part of the world and not readily embraced because people are used to living on a cash basis. They can’t afford to have credit, the interest is too high! So in a way there is no economic crisis! As for the quality of life, it cannot be compared. In a land where relationship takes priority over business I have to pause to reconsider how I approach my own relationships. How much reverence do I render to my interpersonal interactions. At the end of the day. Waht do I make the most time for? What is really important? Where is my wealth really stored? It is in my relationship with God, family, friends and associates. I live in a land where people take the time to celebrate life, love and yes, even death. Every benchmark of life is memorialized. Every moment spent together honored. This has not only transformed my mindset, it has had a positive effect on my emotions and my health. I am far more joyful and peaceful. Even the urgent is not urgent, it finds its place in the right spot as I practice being more present in the moment at hand. At the end of the day, everything is still there, no worse for wear. Perhaps you find yourself stressed and at the breaking point far too often. Take a deep breath and take the time to live in the moment allowing everyone and everything around you to settle like soft falling rain preparing the ground for the seeds God want to plant in your life.  Be still and know that He is God, the fruit of your life will come to bear in the fulness in time. In the meantime stop to enjoy the present, basking in the presence of His spirit and those who matter most.  Remember no one is going to talk about all you acquire or achieve after you are gone. They will only remember how you made them feel. Good feelings begin with you feeling good. Dont take that for granted!

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