The Power of Wisdom

“People ruin their lives with their own foolishness and then are angry at the Lord.” Proverbs 19:3-4 (NLT) Let’s face it. God and the devil get blamed for many things that are not their fault. God has given us a tremendous gift along with His generous grace. it is called the gift of choice. Our choices are determined by our mindset. What we know as well as what we don’t know. This is why the Word of God encourages us with all our getting to get an understanding. Be able to count the cost of your decisions and determine your steps based on your projections.
The price and the cost of a thing are two different matters. The mortgage is the price of the house but the upkeep is the cost you will pay time and time again. The wedding is the price of a marriage but the maintenance of that relationship is the cost you will continually pay. Have you budgeted for the cost of your decisions? It is no accomplishment to acquire a mate or something you’ve wanted to purchase. It is an accomplishment to be able to keep and maintain what you have acquired long term.
Wisdom is the principle thing needed to make all decisions in life.
It is wisdom that gives you good judgement, knowledge, discernment, common sense (sense is definitely not common) success, insight and strength. These are the seven pillars Wisdom built her house on and these things helped it to stand. Before God created anything he created Wisdom because wisdom was needed to establish all things. This is why there is safety in a multitude of sound council. And it is stated that a fool despises correction. Wisdom will add years to your life. if you become wise you will benefit, but if you despise wisdom you will suffer. Prov 9:10
I would dare to say that most of the stress people suffer from that affects their health comes from bad decisions and the negative consequences of foolish choices fueled by lack of knowlege pride and strife. All of these things are self destructive.
This is why I love the Word of God. He promises to be a lamp unto your feet and a light on your pathway. God is relevant and will instruct you in the way that you should go. A path that leads you to the desire of your heart– victory in every area of your life. When you embrace His Wisdom you will find life and favor. but those who miss it injure themselves and suffer the death of the very things they longed for. In this new year let us make a deliberate choice to embrace wisdom. Wisdom may not always look attractive at the onset but it will give you the greatest joy in the end.

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