The Language of Love

Excerpt taken from the book Sassy, Single and Satisfied with over 200,000 copies sold:

Many would say they feel loved based on what others do for them. One fondly remembers the day someone gave her flowers. ? Or soothed her pain. Or took the time to go out of his way to do something for her. She reflects upon these moments as expressions of true love. But can you really tell? Some people are nice for different reasons. To gain approval. To prove their own worth. To get something they want from you.

The true language of love is willing sacrifice. This is seldom thought of as we pursue finding the one true love of our lives. How much are you willing to sacrifice to have what you want? Your life as you know it to accommodate the interest of another? A dream that would interfere with your beloved’s? This is important. This is big. Think about what you would be willing to sacrifice for the love you want. Now translate that into acts of kindness in the lives of those who are available to be loved in your world at this very moment.

How much are are you willing to sacrifice?

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