Settling in….

I’ve been asked what I miss about the States and I have to say nothing! This is not a negative, it is an indication of how wonderful it is to be in the center of God’s will for my life. No looking back like Lot’s wife, I am not interested in becoming paralyzed. I am looking forward to taking life to another level. There is something to be said for resting in Gods’ will. You can’t buy peace, but yet if you find it you need to pursue it with all your heart. And that my friend is exactly what I’m doing!When you allow God to write the script of your life, you are guaranteed a happy ending. Even when the plot twists and there is conflict in your story, the end is always guaranteed to be great. So allow him to be the director, producer, and the finisher of all you do. Trust me, it’s all good and He makes everything beautiful in its time.

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