Set Your Own Pace

“Why does it seem that the woman always has to set the standard for everything” you may ask. The reality of life is, whether it is in the area of emotional or sexual etiquette, a man will always try a woman. But that’s where your power as a woman comes in. Instead of complaining about something that probably won’t change anytime soon, use your powers.

Set the pace and pick the flavor. It’s totally up to you how the relationship will go! God can’t make him treat you special if you act cheap. If you start off allowing him to be disrespectful of your time, inconsiderate of your feelings, selfish and altogether trifling, don’t get upset if he doesn’t change after you are committed to him. After all , you gave him your stamp of approval by proceeding with the relationship even after he revealed he was worthless.

If you, on the other hand, have politely and in your most ladylike way told that man, “Listen, this is not the type of treatment I am used to or find acceptable; therefore, I think you are not ready for a friendship or a relationship with me.” One of two things will happen: He will either accept that information as true even though it hurts his ego, or he will re-approach you from a new angle. Just keep in mind, he has already displayed his true colors.


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