Remove the Obstacles to Wholeness

Women fall into very different categories regarding the longing for love. The first is “I have no man.” The second is “I have had one man too many.” Varying lines of reason in this second category include the “Hey, someone is better than no one” way of thinking, which can lead to a succession of relationships with the wrong type of men. And there is the “Since there is a shortage of men, I’m not opposed to sharing” group. Then there are those who have suffered so much disappointment with men that they now seek consolation in the arms of other women. All of these responses of the heart spring from disappointment, shame, frustration, and anger. They lead from tearful “Why me’s?” to cynicism to empty eyes and flat voices that conclude, “It doesn’t really matter.”

But it does matter. Your disappointment matters to the One who created love. God wants our love experiences to be far more fulfilling than what they’ve been so far. Jesus demonstrated this intent when he went out of his way to meet a woman who had grown disillusioned from her experiences with love. He told his disciples in John 4:4 that he had to go to Samaria, a place “decent” Jewish folk avoided because they felt the people who lived there were beneath them. Samaritans were not kosher (or “pure”). They were a mixed race. The Jews did not agree with their lifestyles or their religious views, so they put a lot of effort into going around rather than through Samaria. Though Jesus was Jewish, he felt the need to make a stop there. While in the Samaritan desert, after the disciples left in search of food, Jesus sat down by a well to rest and waited until the woman he sought made an appearance.

Excerpt From: Michelle McKinney Hammond & Joel Brooks. “What Women Don’t Know (and Men Don’t Tell You).” – Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBook, Google Play, Kindle, Nook and others. To learn more, visit:


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