Michelle McKinney Hammond is reputed to be a guest that is every interviewers dream. Full of profound insights laced with humor she makes every segment a treat to watch. Her sweet spot is Q and A on live radio segments, connecting with the audience in an authentic way that keeps the phone lines ringing.  She is available for interviews as well as special segments.

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Voice of Hope- 700 Club

"Girl Talk" w/Serita Jakes

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“By any standard, Michelle McKinney Hammond qualifies as a prolific writer… Over one million copies of her books have been sold, and Ms. Hammond’s talks at churches and conferences draw thousands of women…Ms. Hammond is perhaps the most visible face of a growing evangelical advice industry for single men and women…”

New York Times

“Michelle McKinney Hammond is a WGN Morning News fan favorite! Her relationship advice segments are some of our most popular on the show, with questions coming in for days before and after she appears. The secret to Michelle’s success is that she’s perfected the art of getting in someone’s face without offending them. It’s real advice from a woman who’s walked the walk and knows how to talk the talk in a way that reaches all audiences, regardless of gender, age, race or religion.”

Tyra Martin
Entertainment Producer, WGN TV Chicago

“Over the last decade, the advertising executive-turned-relationship expert has emerged as one of the most visible faces of the Christian-themed advice industry, co-hosting a faith-based TV network show and churning out two dozen books geared primarily toward single Christian women.”

Chicago Tribune

“Michelle McKinney Hammond never wastes even a second of your time. She skirts no issues, never runs from controversy, and consistently engages her readers in authentic and entertaining dialog. She is so quick-witted, outrageously funny, and she holds your attention from start to finish… She speaks strongly to men, and she speaks just as strongly to women. As a seasoned clinical psychologist, I find her ideas highly stimulating and unusually helpful.”

Dr. Neil Clark Warren
Founder of

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“Michelle McKinney Hammond is such a gifted woman – a woman for our times. She pulls no punches with her rich singing, insightful teaching and profound writing. She has ministered to my own heart. I adore her outrageous humor that endears her to her audiences everywhere she goes. I feel blessed to be able to count her as a friend and colleague. ”

“If anyone can tell you “HOW TO MAKE LOVE WORK”, it’s Michelle McKinney Hammond….Funny, insightful, but always honest, she shares practical principles that every reader can easily grasp and utilize. A must-read if you really want love to work.”

Ruth Graham
Speaker and author of In Every Pew Sits a Broken Heart, A Legacy of Love, and A Legacy of Faith

“Men, if you want to become a truly godly man and husband, In Search of the Proverbs 31 Man is a must-read. Women, if you want to know what to look for and nurture in a lifelong mate, this book is for you too.”

Dr. Greg Smalley
President and CEO, Smalley Relationship Center

“Our world is in need of not merely skilled presenters, but more so, anointed teachers of the Word of God. Michelle is an incredible speaker with the unique ability to, not only capture an audience’s attention with her presentation but impart Biblical knowledge at the same time. She is funny, witty and deeply Biblical.”

Priscilla Shirer

“Hammond’s is not a “name-it-and-claim-it” form of prosperity theology; she insists that in the Bible, those who were highly blessed also suffered the most… Hammond’s thoughts on “blessings” communicate promise and are biblically sound, making this a book that is sure to be relished by Christian women.”

Publisher’s Weekly

“Michelle McKinney Hammond tells it like it is, without pretense or sugar¬coating. In her own unique style, she relays simple truths concerning the essence of masculinity from God’s perspective.”

Dr. Creflo Dollar
CEO of World Changers Ministries and author of The Successful Family

“I have had the privilege of doing television with Michelle for almost a decade. It has been a joy to work as Executive Producer and co-host with Michelle of our Emmy Award winning program “Aspiring Women.” Not only is she a gifted producer herself, but one of the best on-air talents I have ever worked with. She is profoundly articulate and her responses can range from funky street talk to the poetic. She is witty and quick with much worldly wisdom to share. And of course, the camera loves her. She is truly a great natural talent.”

Shirley Rose
Total Living Network

“Michelle McKinney Hammond is the “gorgeous guru” on relationships. She speaks into our lives with the spiritual sensitivity of one who spends much time in the presence of the One who created us for relationships.”

Rev. Dr. Cynthia Hale
Ray of Hope Christian Church

“Michelle McKinney Hammond is a phenomenally gifted orator, author, singer and mentor who has an uncanny way of connecting with people, and women in particular, from all walks of life in meaningful and practical ways. Her humor, candor, wit and charm are only surpassed by the love she has for God and His Word. Michelle has made an indelible mark upon our hearts at Calvary Community Church in Hampton, VA, and I am certain that she will do the same for all who are blessed enough to hear her. It is an honor for me to highly recommend her as an incredible talent who has embraced her destiny and graced our generation. I must say that I am proud to call her my friend.”

Pastor Natalie A. Francisco, Ed. D.
Calvary Community Church

“When Michelle McKinney Hammond speaks, people listen! She is highly energized, passionate about God’s truth, Spirit-empowered, and totally committed to communicating a life-changing message to her audience. Michelle’s giftedness as a speaker is easy to recognize, but whether on or off the platform, she demonstrates her love for people and her desire to live her life to make Jesus smile. She is one of the most popular speakers in our agency and we consistently get rave reviews and thanks from satisfied meeting planners who report on the powerful way God used Michelle to impact the lives of their conference participants. Michelle’s messages have the ideal balance between laughter, biblical foundation, meaningful application, and take-home value. I highly recommend her!”

Carol Kent
President, Speak Up Speaker Services International Speaker and Author

“Michelle is unpredictible, yet reliable. Count on her for something solid in biblical truth translated into healthy relationships.”

Lee Ezell
Author of "The Missing Piece" and "Porcupine People: Learning to Love the Unloveable"

“HOW TO MAKE LOVE WORK gives you bite-sized principles you can apply to your interactions in order to get and give the love you need. Not only will you enjoy the way Michelle applies wit and practical honesty to workable solutions for any relationship, but you’ll also see the wonderful results if you use the tools she’s given you.”

Dr. Gary Smalley
Author of I Promise: How Five Commitments Determine the Destiny of Your Marriage

“I love listening to and learning from Michelle McKinney Hammond! Her honesty, her love for God’s Word, and her heart for the audience come through loud and clear, presented with style, originality, and a sassy dash of attitude. Michelle’s messages are powerful and convicting, yet always delivered with humility and grace. It’s my joy to recommend Michelle, anytime, anywhere!.”

Liz Curtis Higgs
Author of 'Bad Girls of the Bible'

“I am always amazed at the brilliance of Michelle’s delivery when she speaks. Just when you think it can’t get any better, she may break into a song with an incredibly gifted voice that punctuates her point and drives home her message. Michelle is multi-gifted and deeply devoted to her walk in Christ. She is refreshing in her delivery and penetrating in her convictions. I am deeply moved and motivated each time I hear her speak.”

Bunny Wilson

“Michelle skillfully combines Scripture, poetry, and life experiences to encourage single women in their struggles. Her honesty about her own experiences adds a depth that many singles books lack. Challenging questions and tasks should cause readers to think about their lives and the condition of their spiritual walk…”

CBA Marketplace

“Michelle McKinney Hammond is vivacious and vibrant as a person and especially as a speaker. Her warmth and personality “flow” with her biblical preparation and experience, making her a dynamic speaker! Listen, get her on your calendar, she’s a blessing!”

Dr. Teresa Hairston
Founder/Publisher, Gospel Today Magazine

“I have come to love and appreciate Michelle McKinney Hammond as a beautiful woman inside and out. When she arrives in my Time for Hope Studio, she literally “lights up the place” with her smile, bounce and positive attitude. We look forward to her return each time she appears on Time for Hope, and so do our viewers.”

Freda V. Crews, D.Min, Ph.D.
Host, Time for Hope TV

“Michelle McKinney Hammond is one of the most vibrant, articulate, and attractive television personalities I have ever come across. Her enthusiastic energy, undeniable intelligence and sophisticated beauty appeals to all demographics. In fact, whenever Michelle appeared on Total Living as one of the singles correspondents, we received a dramatic increase in viewer response. Michelle is a highly talented woman!”

Sunmee Choi
Executive Producer, Total Living Network

“Michelle flips the paradigm to look at love in a whole new way, with practical tips that are sure to challenge and improve any relationship.”

Dr. Tony and Lois Evans
Authors of Our Love Is Here to Stay
“I would like to personally give Michelle Mckinney Hammond a strong endorsement as a speaker. She has been to our church several times, has always been a blessing, and is a favorite at our place. Originally recommended to us by P. Bunnie Wilson, we found Michelle’s delivery to be refreshing. She deals with deep issues of the heart, yet in a very practical way. Michelle has a handle on the complicated issues that women face in today’s world as well as a real solid word for men. Her teachings have become part of the flavor of our women’s ministry, and I feel she will be a blessing to any church whether to singles, women or the congregation at large. Her humor combined with her sassy feminine style disarms you and sets you up for powerful truths that are life changing. I believe Michelle will be, if she’s not already, one of the major voices in the body of Christ.”

“Michelle has a handle on the complicated issues that women face in today’s world as well as a real solid word for men.”

Joel Brooks
Pastor, Christian Life

“We are honored to write an endorsement for such an awesome woman of God. Michelle McKinney-Hammond was initially introduced to our congregation through her books, which revealed her romantic creativity, her solid knowledge of God’s word and the uncommon ability to communicate it transgenerationally. It was love at first reading! The conference she facilitated at our church was powerful. Anointed, talented, relevant, timely, effective, intelligent, articulate, virtuous, wise, stylish, graceful and personable describe her ministry to our multicultural congregation. Her spirit of excellence is a gift to the Body of Christ. We look forward to having her here again.”

Pastors Richard L. and Adele Y. Johnson
Christ Cathedral New Life Worship Center
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