Love and religion can often be at odds. Religion can be too restrictive-a silent killer of passionate relationships,while love nurtures and kindles the embers in our hearts until a raging fire warms us,drawing others to the light because the loving heart is inviting and contagious.
Going through the motions without the emotions(empty religion) feels much like empty intimacy-the type that signals the love affair is over. But to be motivated to obedience by love is to excite the heart of God. Forget the rules,all the thee’s and thou’s, and choose to simply throw yourself into the arms of God-loving Him and serving Him more than just a one-time event-it becomes the promise of an exhilarating future spent with the Lover of your soul. It’s obvious you are in love. It’s written all over your face and all over your walk. A spiritually alive woman wears her emotions on more than her sleeve;she wears them on her entire life. Her life becomes a witness to others of what she believes and whom she serves.

What is the motivating factor for the choice you make in life and your everyday situations?

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