Love University

header-about-20150601Lets face it navigating through relationships can be complicated! But learning and mastering certain principles can empower you to achieve the desired results in your relationship whether platonic or romantic.


“Positioning Yourself for Love” is a 5-part virtual class that will help you do the heart work you need to do in order to get the love you desire and deserve. Like everything else in life you must be clear about your expectations as well as what part you play in having a great love life.

This class will help you:

  • Clarify your love goals
  • Discover attitudes that hinder you from receiving love
  • Teach you how to recognize love
  • Empower you to attract the love you want.
  • Learn how to “close the deal”

Michelle will be highlighting and expounding on material from her book “How To Be Found By the Man You’ve Been Looking For” This can be purchased on, or

Let me caution you, this class is NOT a quick fix for your life!

To optimize your results, you have to commit 1 to 2 hours to read, answer questions and do the heart work it takes to renew your mind and position yourself for the love you want to receive.

Facilitated in a private Facebook group, training videos and assignments will be available every Monday for five weeks.  You are encouraged to post and share with the group or ask questions. I will be engaging in the group discussions periodically each day. The beauty of this class is that you can participate at a time that is convenient for you.

***This class will be limited to 15 members in order to accommodate your questions.***