So often we feel that we are the only ones endlessly waiting for things to come to pass in our lives.We wonder if God truly understands and relates to the pain of waiting,to the grief of longing for something,to the wondering if we will ever receive our heart’s desire. As we fidget and maneuver our hearts and emotions to find a comfortable place in the midst of the waiting,we once again ponder how God feels.Has He ever had to wait for anything?The answer is yes!He waits for us to be reconciled to Him.He waits for us to love Him the way He loves us.He waits for us to walk in obedience to Him.
Oh,my friends,God is well acquainted with waiting!He waits for us to become all He created us to be and acquire.He is our portion and reward,and we are His joy.He constantly cares about our welfare.He waits to exalt Himself and reveal His goodness to us.He wants to be our greatest joy so that our joy can never be taken away.

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