The young lions suffer want and hunger;but those who seek the Lord lack no good. (Psalm 34:10 NIV)

Want and hunger are two things that can be unmanageable and unending.They can make us question the goodness of God.Yet “every good and perfect gift is from above”-that is His promise to us (James 1:17). In the light of that,I choose to accept that I have all I need in this instant. I need no more,no less. Those who are not spiritually mature have little interest in mastering their appetites and the discipline of self-control,but people who pursue God are groomed for maturity.God is faithful to supply all the needs of those who follow Him.He refuses to withhold what He knows we need,what He knows is good for us.Although He believes in discipline,like an indulgent parent He also believes in extravagant rewards. If something is good for us,we will have it.En d of discussion. If something is not good for us,well then,we can forget about it.God is not in the business of doling out gifts He would later regret giving. No, He rejoices over every heavenly surprise He bestows because He knows it is good thing.He knows that He will reap the glory while we enjoy being blessed.And that is very wonderful thing.

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