Grammy Wars

Much has been said about Beyonce singing “Precious Lord” at the Grammys, My take is basic. Ledisi sang the song in the movie and should have sung it on the Grammys, it has nothing to do with what Beyonce has sung before or any of that. She posted an explanation for why she wanted to sing the song but totally disregarded that she robbed someone else of a moment that she has already had. The height of Girl Power is unselfish support of other women, especially if you have already made it where they are trying to go.
I think Beyonce is extremely talented, gifted, amazingly beautiful and probably a very sweet person. I think she has gone through a lot, maintained her sweetness and flawless image and I am a fan. However I am deepy disappointed that she does not guard her own gifting more closely or realize who she really is. She is far above the level of most of the singers today and yet she compromises her standards in a way that threatens to erode her legacy in years to come. She can actually really sing, therefore she does not have to lower herself to raunchy standards. She giftings put her in line to be an icon. She should be on the level of a Diana Ross and other legends, therefore she should retain a class act.
Only those who don’t really have the chops and sing like her need to resort to questionable lyrics and videos to get noticed, she is not of that caliber. It ruins her witness as a Christian and makes others question her commitment to God. God has standards and those who identify with Him are responsible for representing Him in a way that does not make us wonder if you really know Jesus.
I am not impressed with people praying before doing a show, that means nothing if your life does not align with your prayers. Jesus said many would say Lord, Lord we cast out demons in your name and He would say “I never knew you.” So no I don’t mind if Beyonce sings gospel or secular. I just want her to know her value and maintain standards that will solidify her legacy and not make people question if she really knows God or not. The Word says blessings and cursing cannot proceed from the same fountain. It is time for those who call themselves Christians to be more careful. Our lives are the only Bible some people read and the world knows what knowing God should look like even if they don’t want to live it themselves. Saying God knows your heart is old and tired. He does not compartmentalize our intentions from our actions. As a Man or Woman thinks in her heart so is she, so there is no separation. What everyone wants is Gods approval and anointing on what we do. Don’ t forget the devil will anoint also, in order to bind, deceive and destroy you. Don’t be lulled into thinking every success is God’s blessing. Every good thing is not God. We need to stop worshipping people who can’t help but disappoint and center all that worship on God who never disappoints. If we defended the cause of Christ the way we do stars we adore it would take Christianity to a whole different level where an impact would be felt on the world!

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