Find Your Perfect Fit

If you are coveting the position of wife, understand and know that you were made for a man. Mmm, hmm, let me repeat that. You were made, fashioned, and designed to help a man. You were created to be a help who would meet a specific man’s specific needs. I’ve been asked if I thought there was only one mate for each person. My reply is this: When God decided that Adam needed a partner, He did not create Mary, Sue, and Jill and tell Adam to take his pick. He created Eve from Adam’s rib. She actually was a part of him

Get the idea?

So yes, it is highly likely that there’s several men out there who you could get along with and have a decent relationship with. However, I believe that God knows who would be the best match for you. He designed you to “fit” someone’s rib cage.

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