Faithful, the new Sexy!

So sad that the popular assumption is that all men are unfaithful. I feel for brothers who are sincerely holding it down! Call me naive but I believe there are a lot of men who remain faithful to wives, significant lovers and other. It has to be possible. Why would God tell people to be faithful if He didn’t give them the capacity to do so? His grace is not limited to the work of redemption, His grace extends to empower us to live the way He called us to live. Keep in mind all of those commandments, and there are more than ten people! are not killjoy suggestions, God’s commands all point to helping us have healthy relationships, health, wealth and a life well lived! That is what He wants for all of us. When we don’t follow His instructions, we hurt ourselves. He is in heaven! He is above our failures, they do not impact His position on His throne or anything that goes on in heaven except for the fact that He is grieved because He wants us to triumph in every aspect of our lives. He knows that unfaithfulness is expensive. The Word says the adulterer lacks understanding, and destroys his (or her) own soul. The adulturer inherits a curse, dishonor and is brought to bread. Yikes, was that fling really worth it? Ask any divorced person how much a broken relationship costs, in alimony and stress. Let’s consider the cost before we get swept away by momentary distractions that ultimately lead nowhere. God cannot be tempted because He is completely satisfied with Himself. All that He desires is contained within Him. That is so powerful. And yet that is why He remains faithful to us. Nothing can distract or separate Him from His love for us. That is why we love Him so much. Because He first loves us the way we want to be loved. Safe to say then that the one who remains faithful has understanding, is wise and loves his/her own soul. That is a sexy man/woman, confident and fulfilled in their present relationship. That is always attractive. There is nothing sexier than a man or woman who is completely committed to their commitment to the one they love. C’mon y’all… bring sexy back. Stay faithful!

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