In the midst of our struggles to trust God and make peace with where we are in life right now,we need to turn on the Word of God as never before.The pages are filled with the stories of men and women like you and me who walked through the uncertainties and longings of life just like we do. They too wondered if God would show up.If their dreams would come true.If they would have the love they always dreamed of.If they would be healed,blessed,delivered.Whatever the hope,they turned to God.Their dreams and desires were beyond their ability to produce.God was and is the answer!He showed up time and time again to answer the cries of His people’s heart…and He still does.
The stories written in Scripture encourage us while we wait and give us hope.God is not a respector of persons-what He does for one He is willing to do for all.
There is hope for our lives!Hold on a little while longer and draw strength from those who know the way you’re taking because they took it first.Then dare to hope again.

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