D.I.V.A. TRAINING (Divine Inspiration for Victorious Attitude)

D.I.V.A. TRAINING (Divine Inspiration for Victorious Attitude)
$27 each (Covid Discount, $57 regular price) or
$75 for all 3 (Covid Discount $150 regular price) 

Navigating through life can be difficult! So how does a woman master her world? By taking the time to examine mindsets that hinder her from making the progress she desires. Attitude is everything. This series of curriculum is designed to take you through 4 weeks of self-examination with keys to living, loving and overcoming that will bring personal clarity and empowerment, while equipping you to make choices that lead to the victorious outcome you want and need.


  • Audio instruction shared by Michelle McKinney Hammond
  • Downloadable Workbook

This is perfect for group discussion or personal reflection time.

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