Can Business And Pleasure Mix Successfully?

It’s been said many times, “You can’t mix business with pleasure?” This comment has never set well with me so I decided to prayerfully consider why this failed to resonate with me as a well grounded fact. After taking a Biblical tour of how God designed men and woman to interact as a couple I came to the conclusion that this popular assumption is a worldly philosophy that opposes God’s Word.
In the beginning God created Adam and Eve and gave them the same assignment. They were to be about the “business” of being fruitful (productive) multiplying (spreading influence) having dominion over every living thing (exercising authority jointly) and subduing evil (being a collective force against anything that was in opposition to God’s mandates) Adam was created alone but Eve was created to assist him in carrying out this assignment. She was created as a help “meet” (qualified and equipped) to help him effectively do what he was created to do. Yet obviously he also delighted in her as a woman, thus mixing business with pleasure.
As i look at the ordained coupling of men and women in the Bible I see God’s strategy at work to create “power couples” to carry out His kingdom design on various levels from domestic work to business in the marketplace to actually ruling kingdoms. Wives were either instrumental in helping care for all that the man oversaw or sharing wisdom that affected destiny. Ask Pilate’s wife or Esther.
The subtle lie that couples cannot effectively work together has has left a huge door for the enemy to work. As men run off with their secretaries on a regular basis are you still going to tell me that business and pleasure cannot mix? In some cases it is better for your partner to be in business with you so that you know where you money is as well as the state of your business. Who can be trusted more than your own?
I am not talking about fleshly office trysts. We know that is a temporary arrangement at best, but one must stop to ask themselves why this happens and what contributes to the workplace being such a hotbed for romances to form.
What I am addressing is the lie that couples cannot work together. It is just not true. I believe that God’s original design was for couples to work together. “Two are better than one for they have a good reward for their labor.”
Perhaps the truth of the matter is that enough couples do not like one another well enough to spend that kind of time together. But that is another whole conversation on why people marry who they marry.
If we look at Hollywood we see that business and pleasure mixing has been a molotov cocktail for affairs over the centuries. Why you might ask. Simple. The rush of accomplishing a common goal and purpose together opens the emotional pores and whoever is around on the same wavelength gets absorbed into the system. So imagine married couples working and playing together, accomplishing common goals that makes your soul sing. That is a rush that can be experienced no other way.
Am I saying that every couple should be doing the same thing? No, not at all. What I am saying is a couple that walks together with mutual goals and visions usually gets further together and has a better quality of life. How can two walk together except they be agreed?
The woman in a man’s life has been given the power by God to enable her man to be all that he was created to be. She has the assignment of not just inspiring but assisting him to greatness. She can make or break her man based on her input in his life. A couple who not only prays together, plays together and works together becomes a united force to be reckoned with. So lets get our theology straight. We were made to work together.
It is the theology of the world to divide and conquer. Lets get back in sync with God’s plan. Consider purpose when making the decision to marry who you marry. Remember the hole in your heart is a purpose sized hole not a person sized hole. This is why many married couples wake up one day and say their mate is not making them happy. They came together only in the flesh and not in purpose. This left room for them to drift apart. Make sure you bond on mutual interests and goals for your life so that you have something to be excited about beyond yourselves. Seek God to get a clear word on what He wants you to do together. He has a purpose for every union. And when God is in the center of your marital union business and pleasure mix on a whole other level that is absolutely divine!

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