A Whole New World

I’m still getting up pinching myself every morning and saying, “I really am living in Ghana!” Have I said how much I love it? Is it utopia? No, but it is where God has placed me and I have learned in His presence, the fullness of His will, there is joy. Not just His joy but blessing, provision and endless opportunities for true fulfillment. As I look forward to the new year unfolding I am opening my hands to God and demanding nothing while expecting everything. My greatest desire is to be a tool that God can use to perfection in His hands to bless others. I want to bind up some broken hearts and set some captives free– emotionally and spiritually. He can use you, He can use me to be an agent of change where ever we are! All you have to do is just keep showing up where He points and you are sure to experience the adventure of a lifetime. This is a day to day journey with new twists and turns daily! Did I say daily, oh yes, daily. No day is ever the same, because God is ever unfolding Himself. He will never tell you what He is up to, He will simply show you more of Himself. As we see Him , we come to know and experience what we are looking for… and that my friend is true life!

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